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This is the SupCloud Status page, this page will be updated with incidents or planned maintenance tasks. Updates will be posted to our Twitter-account as well (@SupCloudSys)

Scheduled Maintenance
Customerpanel migration

We will migrate one of our slave servers to a different node. No downtime is expected as our load-balancer will forward traffic to the available nodes.

WebSrv01 Maintenance 29/03 - 30/03

Maintenance of WebSrv01 is scheduled for 29 March 2018 from 22:30 till 30 March 02:00 (AMS Time). Websrv01 is currently part of node Astor which will be discontinued in April. During the migration phase services on WebSrv01 might be unavailable for some customers. We will contact impacted customers Saturday (17-03) for more information. After the migration the following benefits are available:

  • Memory will be doubled.
  • Disk performance will be improved. We will swap from HDD storage to SSD storage for this node.

No IP changes are required. The server will have access to the same IP-block as before.

Discontinuation of node Astor

Node Astor will be discontinued at the end of March to make room for newer hardware on node Finch. All customers have been informed regarding this migration. Customers of node Astor are free to choose the time of their migration so their customers will experience the least downtime possible.

Past Incidents

23rd March 2018

No incidents reported

22nd March 2018

No incidents reported

21st March 2018

No incidents reported

20th March 2018

No incidents reported

19th March 2018

No incidents reported

18th March 2018

No incidents reported

17th March 2018

No incidents reported